Car Seats That Rear Face Beyond 105cm and 18kg

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A lot of rear facing car seats go up to 105cm or 18kg (a few have slightly higher weight limits of 19-22kg), these seats will last an average child for approximately four years*.
We know how important it is for children to rear face for as long as possible, so there are quite a few car seats available that rear face up to 125cm, which is six or seven years old*. Again, the weight limits of these seats vary, so to make the options a bit clearer I have made this list, which shows the seats’ height and weight limits and their recommended retail prices (RRP).

It's important to realise that although there are a few car seats now that have a 36kg weight limit, they still all have a height limit of 125cm. That's the height of an average seven year-old, whereas 36kg is eleven years on average. That means that the vast majority of children, if not all, will outgrow these car seats by height. An evenly proportioned child will be about 23-25kg when they are 125cm tall.


ISOfix from birth, 40-125cm
- Axkid One+ 2, up to 23kg (£724)
- Joie i-Prodigi, up to 22.5kg (£450)

ISOfix from six months, 61-125cm or 23kg
- Axkid One 2, up to 23kg (£649)

Belt fitted from birth, 40-125cm or 36kg
- BeSafe Stretch B (from £539)

Belt fitted from six months, 61-125cm or 36kg
- Axkid Minikid 4 (£479)
- Axkid Movekid (£379)
- BeSafe Stretch (£479)
- Britax-Römer Max-Safe Pro (£399)
- Britax-Römer Safe-Way M (£349)


Belt fitted from nine months, 9-25kg
- Axkid Minikid 2 (£359)
- Axkid Move (£279)

*The stated ages are just guides based on an average 50th percentile child
and do not limit or guarantee the usage time.

These seats are all available to buy here on this website.


There are a few more car seats up to 125cm available that I don’t sell.

Belt fitted from birth, 40-125cm or 25kg
- Avionaut Sky (£379)

Belt fitted from eight months, 70-125cm or 25kg
- Avionaut Sky Q (£299)

Belt fitted from six months, 61-125cm or 32kg
- Klippan Opti 129 (£425)

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