Avionaut Maxspace Comfort System +

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ISOfix High Back Booster Seat
Suitable from 100 to 150cm, 15-50kg*
Approximately 4 to 12 years old




Approved by the German organisation for back health, Aktion Gesunder Rücken (AGR)

So what makes the Maxspace Comfort System + different?

The MaxSpace has the latest Comfort System + solution, which has been developed with the aid of up-to-date medical data and leading ergonomic specialists.
The Comfort System + offers additional cervical support in the form of a contoured cushion, which stabilizes the cervical section, relieves the muscles and provides excellent support for the upper part of the spine.
The profile of the lumbar spine is ergonomically maintained, eliminating back pain. The seat is shaped so that the additional filling of the cushion provides support for the femur, which prevents numbness in the legs. By reducing compression on the coccyx, the Comfort System + seat helps protect the spine from scoliosis.



  • The backrest tilt function prevents strain on the cervical spine during sleep

  • The deep seat provides natural contouring of the pelvis, reducing coccyx compression

  • An efficient ventilation system guarantees proper air circulation, ensuring a comfortable and peaceful journey

  • Meets the UN R129 i-Size regulation


* Please note, although the Avionaut Maxspace Comfort System + is approved from 100cm and 15kg, we recommend that you keep your child rear facing for as long as possible. Preferably, all the way up to 125cm.