Avionaut's AGR Campaign for Healthier Backs Approval


Who are AGR?

The AGR (Aktion Gesunder Rücken), or the Campaign for Healthier Backs, is an association of more than 150,000 professionals, such as physiotherapists and doctors of various specialisations who focus on spinal disorders. For many years, the association has supported research and campaigns focusing on the elimination of back pain and has recommended products to prevent back issues. The AGR is well known for its quality mark, which is awarded to car seats, child seats, beds, shoes, school bags, gardening tools and other items.

How do AGR child seat tests work?

AGR car seat tests are carried out by independent institutions such as Bundesverband Deutscher Rückenschulen e. V. S. and Forum Gesunder Rücken besser leben eV. Products are tested for their ergonomics and impact on the spine. In order to be AGR-certified, child seats must hold the baby in the correct position during travel, prevent back and neck injuries and eliminate pain resulting from incorrect posture. The products, which have been endorsed by the Campaign for Healthier Backs, have been recognised by a panel of experts as safe for the spine and helpful in the treatment of skeletal disorders.

Avionaut child safety seats recognised by AGR

The Pixel PRO 2.0 C child seat has been recognised by AGR as the lightest seat on the market that provides full support for the spine of our children and evenly distributes energy during a road incident. The seat insert properly stabilises the pelvis, torso and head so that the little passenger sits in the correct position which translates into comfort and safety.

The Sky 2.0 model has been praised for its modular insert and adjustable headrest, allowing it to be perfectly adapted to the changing body of a child according to body proportions and age. The Campaign pointed out that the seat allows a safe transport of rear‑facing children up to a height of 125 cm or a weight of 25 kg. The AeroFIX 2.0 C model also stood out due to its ability to adapt the seat and backrest well to the body proportions of little passengers, due to the height adjustment of the headrest, the straps and the option to change the seat angle.




The MaxSpace Comfort System + also received a positive AGR rating, as described by expert, Dr. Dieter Breithecker of the Federal Institute on the Development of Posture and Movement as the seat that sets new standards for healthy posture and sitting comfort. The opinion points out the fact that the seat is equipped with a headrest that supports the neck, keeping the head and neck in a natural, unforced position centrally over the spine and shoulders. The MaxSpace Comfort System + seat has one of the deepest profiled seats available on the market, making it easier to maintain a correct posture.

AGR-approved seats guarantee safety and ergonomics. Choose an Avionaut child seat and let’s work together to keep your child’s back healthy.