Avionaut Cosmo

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Infant Carrier Car Seat
Suitable from 40-87cm or 13kg
Birth to approximately 15 months

- The Cosmo weighs less than 3.2 kg

- The modular insert keeps the spine straight and the head tilted back slightly to ensure the respiratory and oesophageal tract stay open.

- The canopy is made of UV-filtered fabric, providing your child with effective protection from the sun and other external factors.

- The Cosmo can be fitted with the seat belt or installed on the ISOfix IQ 2.0 C base, which is available separately

- The Cosmo meets the latest i-Size and ECE-R129 European safety standards

One of the things that makes Avoinauts' infant carriers stand out from others is the modular insert. The insert keeps the baby's head, neck and spine perfectly aligned, keeping the chin off the chest for a safe travel position. It can be modified as the baby grows, providing optimum comfort and safety. 


The Cosmo can be used on a wide range of pram chassis. If you would like to use it on yours, you can check here to see if it will fit:
Pram compatibility list