Britax Vario Base 5Z

Britax Vario Base 5Z

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The Vario Base 5Z is part of Britax-Römer's Modular System and is used with the Baby-Safe Pro for newborns up to 85cm and the Dualfix 5Z for children up to 105cm

With the VARIO BASE 5Z, you are ready for four years of convenient safety on the road. The modular base is compatible with the BABY-SAFE PRO, the BABY-SAFE 3 i-SIZE as well as the DUALFIX 5Z i-SIZE – and each of them can be installed on the base with just one click.

The rotating feature allows you to turn each seat towards the car door, making it easy to place your child in the seat and fasten the harness.

The easily accessible release button allows you to effortlessly pick up the infant carrier by the handle. And the rebound bar adjusts to the angle of the car's backrest and provides leg space when travelling rearward facing.

In cars with inclined vehicle seats, your child's head might tip forward when they fall asleep in the seat. That's why the VARIO BASE 5Z can be adjusted to six different positions to provide the best combination of safety and comfort for your little one. With the infant carriers it's best to set the correct angle before installing the seat and with the DUALFIX 5Z i-SIZE you can adjust the angle on the go to a more comfortable position when your toddler falls asleep.


Height: 30cm
Width: 44cm 
Depth: 64cm
Weight: 8kg

Meets the UN R129 i-Size regulation