Car Seat Checks

It is a shocking fact that the vast majority of children's car seats are not being used correctly, which means that those children are not as safe as they should be in the car. Some are in seats that are not suitable for their age and size, some seats are not compatible with the car they're installed in and more commonly the seats are not installed correctly and the children not fitted in the seats safely.

Are you not 100% sure that your car seats are installed correctly? Do they feel wobbly and you're not sure how to fix them? Have you washed the covers and don't know how to put them back on? Or maybe you have changed your car and can't remember how to install your seats?

I do car seats checks at your home to make sure that you are using the right seats for your children's age and size and that you are using them correctly. I can teach you how to install your seats if you're not sure you've got them right, and I can advise you on roughly how long you can expect your current seats to last and recommend suitable seats for the next stage.


Car Seat Checks

A car seat checking or fitting visit in and around South London costs £30 plus £1 per return mile. This fee includes fitting one seat, additional seats costs £5 each. If you would rather come to me I charge £20 for the first seat and £5 for each additional one. Fitting covers is £5 extra per seat.

Please contact Margaret on +447752253499 to make an appointment.